Grimes Family History


Spanish American War camp (95 AC) off Hillsborough St named after Bryan Grimes.


Brothers J. Bryan Grimes, Junius Daniel Grimes, and William Demise Grimes establish Grimes Real Estate Company. Focused on selling and leasing farms, town lots, timber land and stores in Eastern North Carolina along with representing several insurance companies.


J. Bryan Grimes wins election for North Carolina Secretary of State. Serving from 1901 1923.


Junius Daniel Grimes attends Georgetown Law School and returns to Washington, NC to practice law at Ward & Grimes and later at The Law Offices of Grimes, Grimes & Grimes.


Grimes Realty Company partner, William B. Grimes opens Wake County Savings Bank with T.B. Crowder, W.W. Vass, T. H. Briggs, John A. Kemp, S.C. Hobby, T.P Jerman, W.H. Harrington, A.R.D. Johnson, and George E. Hunter. Bank was located at 235 Fayetteville St and later merged with First Citizens Bank in the 1930’s which at the time was headquartered in Smithfield, NC. Serving as First Citizens Bank Raleigh’s branch office.


William Bryan Grimes, Bessie Grimes Dancy, Frank Battle Dancy, Nellie Grimes Ward, John Ward, Fabius J. Haywood, Jr., and William Grimes Haywood open Grimes Realty Company in Raleigh, NC.


Grimes Realty Company takes over ownership and management of the Yarborough House Hotel located on Fayetteville St in Raleigh, NC.


Grimes Realty Company sells the “Grimes Building” to Boylan Pearce Co., located at 216 Fayetteville St. The building was renovated in 2020/2021.


Grimes Realty Company sells several lots on Fayetteville St. & Morgan St. to the State of North Carolina in the sum of $45,000.00 for the construction of state office buildings.


Grimes Realty Company leases the Yarborough House Hotel to B.H. Griffin of Goldsboro, NC.


B. Grimes Cowper develops the iconic Raleigh subdivision Hayes Barton. Read Article

1930 – 1940

Grimes Realty Company helped develop legendry historic Raleigh Subdivisions like Woodrow Park, Hardimont, and numerous others throughout the City.


Grimes Realty Company partner, William B. Grimes opens Insurance agency Grimes & Vass Insurance on Fayetteville St.


After the Yarborough House Hotel fire of 1928 Grimes Realty Company builds a new building and is headquarter in what later became the “Hudson Belk” Building in downtown Raleigh. The building was redeveloped into residential condos in 2005.


Grimes Realty Company partners incorporate Grimes Supply Company based in downtown Raleigh.


Grimes Realty Company leases 317 Fayetteville St. to the iconic Raleigh clothier Nowell Clothing Store.


Grimes Realty Company President, A.L. Purrington, Jr., Esq. executes the last company lease on public record for 315 Fayetteville St.


In the footsteps of his ancestors, John W. Grimes, Jr. moves from Eastern North Carolina and becomes a residential real estate broker. First affiliating with York Simpson Underwood another iconic independently owned brokerage house in Raleigh, NC.


John W. Grimes, Jr. purchased a long established Raleigh insurance agency and represents some of the best A rated insurance carriers. Grimes Insurance Group is licensed in NC, MD, VA, TN, SC, GA and FL.


John W. Grimes, Jr. & Alyson P. Grimes husband and wife business partners re establish Grimes Realty Company and provide the same specialized real estate brokerage services of the Company’s original founders.

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